You know best

You are an expert in your company and know what you need. That’s why we listen, instead of overwhelming you with hasty suggestions. When we know what is required, we can together find out which solution suits you best. We think it’s the nicest way to get a good deal of partnership.


We start by charting your needs and challenges to understand why you want to make a change.


Demon is based on what emerged during the survey. You will be able to ask questions and get a better understanding of Insicon i2i.

Pre study

In this step, we review all the business processes and review whether you need the standard product or if customization is required.


We will come up with a project plan where you can see when things are going to be done. Here you also get a budget.


Configure i2i so it works according to business needs, how customers could take part of the process and how we can migrate business and data from existing system into i2i


After all, we run the system in a LIVE mode.

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