Our offer

Our offer

Many insurance operators of today need to replace existing older systems. These systems can be developed in-house or be from many different suppliers. The need for substitution is often due to the fact that the systems cannot manage automatic processes, collaboration and they are static and expensive regarding maintenance.

We are constantly told that existing, dated systems cannot meet the ever changing requirements of the market as quickly or as cost effectively as required.

It is common that insurance operators, in spite of all obstacles, try to further develop their own dated systems. This often results in an even more complex environment that makes maintenance even more expensive and makes it even more difficult to meet future changes in the market. Another important issue is the resources’ access to the technology on which the dated systems are based, which results in lack of resources due to the fact that existing technology has been replaced by newer more modern means.

All of these limitations in their own IT-systems prevent operators from executing their work as required. Existing systems lack the flexibility necessary for responding to fast changes on the market. In the long run the insurance operators lose competitiveness compared to others who have chosen more modern and flexible systems.

An important reason for the insurance companies’ hesitation towards replacing existing older systems is that many attempts have resulted in expensive and unsuccessful projects, where less serious operators have oversold and misjudged the complexity or they have simply lacked the competence and experience needed for such complex system replacements.

Insicon’s mission is to facilitate change!

Insicon i2i is the solution for you who recognize yourself in the above description. Insicon i2i is designed for insurance operators who want an upgradable, flexible and scalable insurance system, that is also full of functions and that can be easily integrated with third-party systems.

Insicon i2i contains full functionality to support the entire insurance business, e.g. underwriting, insurance handling, claims adjustment, invoicing, follow-up and analysis. The functionality is delivered through different freestanding modules which can easily be integrated with third-party systems, so that it can be synchronized with the existing IT-environment in the best way possible. Owing to this Insicon i2i has succeeded in improving and render more effective our clients’ businesses, with lowered operating costs as a result. Our goal is to be the obvious supplier of insurance software solutions in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

“Insicon i2i can be adapted to our business and processes in a cost effective way, and furthermore, it gives us more functionality for the money compared to other evaluated alternatives. The fact that all of Insicon’s clients are very content with the way the projects have been executed is also of great importance for our choice of supplier.”
says Johan Brinkenberg, CEO of Nordic Guarantee.

Insicon holds the highest ranking within Microsoft’s partner program - Microsoft Gold Partner.

Insicon has first place within the category Rising Star with a growth of 1 607 per cent over a three year period.

Insicon is in Computer Swedens HIT-lists of the 50 most innovative IT companies for the second year in a row

Insicon support the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

Tieto is an Insicon Partner

Insicon have highest creditworthiness 

Insicon have a partnership with SolvencyTool that provide software for Solvency II.