Insicon i2i Components

Insicon i2i Components

Insicon i2i facilitates fast adaptations through configuration without the need of programming. Insicon i2i consists of components where each and every one has a general business function, which is then combined with other components to build up the system and create a support for the entire insurance life cycle, from underwriting, offer to disbursement, claims adjustment, insurance administration and invoicing – all according to your needs.

Insicon i2i Accounting

Automatically handles account distributions in the system, in accordance with configured business rules for account plans. Account entries can then be exported to other financial systems. Multi-currency handling is fully supported and can be used anywhere within all types of business transactions. 

Insicon i2i Agreements

Enables the user to adjust insurance products according to specific group characteristics, similar to corporate aligned policies or collectively negotiated/subsidized terms etc., e.g. life insurance to specific corporations or sport clubs. Everything has been designed to be easy to use and intuitive, Insicon i2i Agreement automatize so many things, that you sometimes of do not have to do anything at all.

Insicon i2i Billing

Used for handling all types of payments in the system, e.g. creation of customer invoices and claims payments, as well as enabling the user to create, approve or reject all types of payments.  

Insicon i2i Case Management

Handles all types of cases within business processes in the system. 

Insicion i2i Claim

Enables the handling of claims, e.g. registering of claims, handling of receivables, collection of claims data, documentation and correspondence, payment and reserves, updates, follow-up’s and statistics. A few examples of functionality within claims handling:

  • Process based claims handling 
  • FNOL 
  • Status handling for claim 
  • Full traceability of all changes   
  • Possibility to automate claims handling   
  • Complete handling of claims reserves, payments, accounting and recourse. 
  • Document archive linked to the claim 
  • Web form for registering claims and follow up of claims handling 
  • Escalation functionality (for e.g. collaboration/sign off within payments process) 
  • Handling of both bodily injuries and material damages 
  • Reports and analysis 
  • Powerful abilities to connect with third party systems 
  • Handling of NatCat losses, large losses and interconnected claims relationships 
  • Incoming and outgoing email and correspondence 

Insicon i2i Commission

Enables the user to handle discounts on insurance policies, provisions, brokerage or commissions e.g. you can define rules with regards to distribution of commissions who shold get commission how that commission should be applied. There is virtually no limitations on how you can define and handle the commissions for your insurance business.

Insicon i2i Correspondense

Handles and stores all correspondence transacted via the core system, regardless of the type of correspondence e.g. emails, sms’s, pdf’s etc. 

Insicon i2i Dashboard

Displays aggregated views of information, gathered from the system

Insicon i2i Diary

Diary used for all business objects, e.g. parties, claims, insurance policies, etc.

Insicon i2i Document Management

Enables the user to handle documents having been created by the system, e.g. policy and claims documentation.

Insicon i2i Policies

Enables the user to handle insurance policies throughout their life cycle, e.g. by creating, sending out, cancelling, reminding, reactivating and renewing policies.

Insicon i2i Product Designer

Functionality for creation of insurance products, which can be offered to customers e.g. car insurance policies, home insurance policies and similar products. 

Insicon i2i Quotation

Enables the user to handle offers during their life cycles, e.g. by creating, sending out, cancelling, reminding, reactivating and renewing offers.

“Insicon i2i can be adapted to our business and processes in a cost effective way, and furthermore, it gives us more functionality for the money compared to other evaluated alternatives. The fact that all of Insicon’s clients are very content with the way the projects have been executed is also of great importance for our choice of supplier.”
says Johan Brinkenberg, CEO of Nordic Guarantee.

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Insicon has first place within the category Rising Star with a growth of 1 607 per cent over a three year period.

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