Insicon i2i Framework Components

Insicon i2i Framework Components

To guarantee re-usability and compatibility between the components, Insicon uses an underlying layer of Framework Components, which in turn deliver the underlying technical platform, upon which the other components are built.

Insicon i2i Batch Engine

Defines batch jobs, e.g. automatic renewals of insurance policies, etc.

Insicon i2i Business Rule Engine

Used via a formula language similar to Microsoft Excel, to define and execute business rules for logic, validation and calculation in the system, e.g. to calculate the specific insurance premium for a specific insurance. 

Insicon i2i Collaboration

Enables configuration of business processes in the system to enable users to work and collaborate in a unified and controlled manner. E.g. when a claim payment is registered and the payment sum is above a configured threshold value, a message is automatically sent to a group or user with the authority to approve such a large payment sum, before the payment is carried out.

Insicon i2i Entity Handling

Entity definition and handling of objects. Defines the insurance objects, which are used in business processes, e.g. contract, parties, products and claims.

Insicon i2i Internationalization

Handles which language and which regional settings that should be applied for the user and on the correspondence to the client.

Insicon i2i Import & Export Engine

Imports and exports data in the system, e.g. when integrating with other systems or applications.

Insicon i2i Invoicing

Handles invoices automatically, which are directly linked to issued insurance policies.

Insicon i2i Ledger

Enables the user to handle claims/receivables and outstanding payments for each and every client, party or partner, e.g. matching of payments. 

Insicon i2i Letters

Enables the user to create and handle all various printable material used in the system, e.g. policy letters, invoices, reminders, notifications or certificates.

Insicon i2i Parties

Enables the user to administrate the participants in insurance related processes, e.g. insured, claims handlers, reinsurers and brokers etc.

Insicon i2i Tariffs

Handles the pricing elements of a client and is e.g. used for premium calculations. 

Insicon i2i Workflow Engine

Defines and executes activities linked in a work/process flow, e.g. reinstate or renew policies that is graphically supported. 

Insicon i2i Object Register

Handling registration of all insured objects, e.g. cars, boats, houses etc.

Insicon i2i Payment Processing

Handles all files and imports and generates automatic payment matches versus unpaid invoices, as per configured business logic. Bank interface and payments related to multiple countries are supported. Moreover, automatically unmatched payments are handled.

“Insicon i2i can be adapted to our business and processes in a cost effective way, and furthermore, it gives us more functionality for the money compared to other evaluated alternatives. The fact that all of Insicon’s clients are very content with the way the projects have been executed is also of great importance for our choice of supplier.”
says Johan Brinkenberg, CEO of Nordic Guarantee.

Insicon holds the highest ranking within Microsoft’s partner program - Microsoft Gold Partner.

Insicon has first place within the category Rising Star with a growth of 1 607 per cent over a three year period.

Insicon is in Computer Swedens HIT-lists of the 50 most innovative IT companies for the second year in a row

Insicon support the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

Tieto is an Insicon Partner

Insicon have highest creditworthiness 

Insicon have a partnership with SolvencyTool that provide software for Solvency II.