Insicon i2i

Insicon i2i

As we developed Insicon i2i we had the possibility to create something new from scratch, but with our joint experience. That gave us the possibility to imagine something completely new and different. The result is software which is already revolutionizing the insurance business today – software designed for the future but ready to be applied today.

Insicon i2i facilitates fast adaptations through configuration without the need of programming. Insicon i2i consists of components where each and every one has a general business function, which is then combined with other components to build up the system and create a support for the entire insurance life cycle, from underwriting, offer to disbursement, claims adjustment, insurance administration and invoicing – all according to your needs.

We have helped our clients to succeed in replacing their older systems and introduce Insicon i2i in a time-effective way, although they have had the older systems for a long period of time. Thanks to our experience and expertise the deliveries are put into practice in a cost-effective way, with fast installation and high quality. A key factor for our success is the powerful configuration possibilities in our product Insicon i2i, which facilitate fast and high-quality installations.

The main principle of Insicon i2i is that everything is configured – from products, business rules, business flow and data model to user interface. The powerful configuration possibilities are highly important for meeting insurance operators’ different needs efficiently. Insicon i2i has such high level of flexibility, thanks to its consistent system configuration, that we can realize the most demanding client installations.

All types of products within insurance are supported, and therefore the entire product portfolio can be handled in one system alone. The basic service-oriented architecture running through the entire system also helps solving integrations with third-party systems in an efficient way through web services.

Insicon i2i has the architecture and the possibility to up-scale to millions of insurances and thousands of users. One of our installations of reference has 200 users and six million insurances. It sends 250 000 letters per month and manages thousands of claims per month in Insicon i2i. Our goal is to be the obvious supplier of insurance software solutions Nordic.

“Insicon i2i can be adapted to our business and processes in a cost effective way, and furthermore, it gives us more functionality for the money compared to other evaluated alternatives. The fact that all of Insicon’s clients are very content with the way the projects have been executed is also of great importance for our choice of supplier.”
says Johan Brinkenberg, CEO of Nordic Guarantee.

Insicon holds the highest ranking within Microsoft’s partner program - Microsoft Gold Partner.

Insicon has first place within the category Rising Star with a growth of 1 607 per cent over a three year period.

Insicon is in Computer Swedens HIT-lists of the 50 most innovative IT companies for the second year in a row

Insicon support the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

Tieto is an Insicon Partner

Insicon have highest creditworthiness 

Insicon have a partnership with SolvencyTool that provide software for Solvency II.